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EPISODE 10 because yeah….

I am experiencing many emotions, mostly happy ones, BUT THEN SOME AREN’T SO HAPPY and yeah so um, in case you haven’t figured it out, episode 10 was online. And I couldn’t help myself. I typed this up as quickly as I could but because of timing and vacation I was away from le internet and have only just gotten a chance to get it up here.

But now, ladies, and well, I’m guessing you are all ladies, after nights of crying and strenuous analysis, here is my lovely little summary of feels.

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And I call Kitty and Frank The Kittwards

And I am not writing a fanfic about them no

And I am not drawing fanarts about them no

Mr Selfridge Episode 10 and Finale.


Ermegaherd. Agnes loves Henri. She said it. He said it for the third time. He’s going to war. George is going to war. Florian and Josie are back together. Victor is alone and drowning his sorrows. Rose is dying. Omf. What in the actual is this.m

And Kitty and Frank are *almost* canon.

YAY <3


Sherlockian Interests: BBC, Canon

Other Interests: reading (Michael Ende, Cornelia Funke, Patrick Rothfuss), watercolor painting, dancing, Mr Selfridge, The Hobbit, Fingersmith, film scores…

Preferred Contact: shutuporiwillmarryyou

Looking For A Penpal From: Anywhere

Other Information: I like sending beautiful postcards and letters. None of my friends is a Sherlockian and I´d really love to get to know people who are hooked like me ;)

Sherlockian, Tolkienian, Selfridgian, here I am, present and writing!

Wow. A descent into Mr Selfridge tumblr tags has led me to one conclusion:


Apparently my opinions on several really important issues are opposite to like basically everyone on tumblr. I mean there’s always a few universal facts that everyone has to agree on, people we want to see murdered, general feelings toward certain characters, that sort of thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so totally outnumbered on something. Interesting. I need to get friends to watch this show so I can freak out to them about it and see if they agree with me.

I feel you on this. TOTALLY.

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